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Arca is the pseudonym of the exceptional Venezuelan artist Alejandro Ghersi. In his performances, Arca searches constantly  for new paths and means of expression, staging himself as a surreal shapeshifter who elucidates the complexity of fluid identities, in a way that’s loaded with cultural symbolism. In his work, pop is a possible starting point  for him  as well as a musical coordinate to be examined and deconstructed in a wide diversity of ways – as his highly praised productions for international pop icons abundantly show. His own work to date exhibits consistent development from his fragile early sound constructions to the sweeping artistic visions of his current album’s fully formulated songs. All this is underlined by Arca’s extravagant live appearances, which – supported by his enigmatic personality – meld music and performance into sensuous, all-encompassing experience.

Soundcloud Arca

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