Anti-Fascist Ballet School

Prof*X Magdalena Chowaniec, Prof*X Elizabeth Ward

Spring exorcism for well-being

© Daniel Jarosch
© Daniel Jarosch

Hierarchy, control over one’s body, synchronisation – these associations belong to the world of ballet and the military. In the Anti-Fascist Ballet School, these categories will be exorcised, rather than reproduced. The Anti-Fascist Ballet School takes ballet as a starting point to reveal roles in the preservation of ideologies and power relations of the present. As social values and aesthetics have changed in our society, they have changed in ballet. This project goes back to the roots of ballet, examines its potential for empowerment, and rediscovers the activist body. The open trainings take place in the social biotopes of shopping malls, and are open to everyone, whether with previous knowledge or without. The Spring Exorcism of the Anti-Fascist Ballet School is an offer open to everyone, to collectively uncover unconscious physical states of being, to loosen up, and to gain the courage to face the unknown.

Welcome to the Academy of Unlearning! Thus, we unlearn the discipline and learn to support each other with grace. Pas de bleu in lieu of pas de deux!



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