All the Sex I’ve Ever Had

Mammalian Diving Reflex, Darren O´Donnell

© Lucia Eggenhoffer
© Lucia Eggenhoffer

All the Sex I’ve Ever Had deals with a theme that is still a taboo in our youth-fixated society: sex in old age. A group of sexually experienced seniors openly reveals the experiences of their love and sex lives: Relating stories about first crushes and crashes, about turbulent affairs, unexpected pregnancies and sexual reorientations, about past and deceased loved ones, about challenges and pleasures. Everything in sequence, year after year. Now and then they lift a glass in memory of special moments and shake some booty. All the Sex I've Ever Had exchanges embarrassment for a new social generosity and re-establishes the community of “old wise ones” who we can turn to for advice in order to benefit from their rich experiences.

This extraordinary evening has been seen in sold-out theatres in Bern, Singapore, Glasgow, Toronto and Portland with local nonprofessional performers. Don’t miss the Viennese expert panel on love and sex, and learn about the experiences of the older generation!



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