Aïsha Devi

© Emile Barret
Aïsha Devi’s music is rich in colours and symbolic references. This artist  has a knack for the sonic evocation of meditative states, and unites club music with elements of her Nepalese and Tibetan roots along with contemporary bass sounds. With her high-pitched vocals, Devi gives rise to convoluted pop mantras, opening up complex sound landscapes that are in equal measure tension-fraught and danceable. Her debut LP (released on Houndstooth), entitled Of Matter and Spirit, accompanies her transcendental journey and spiritual metamorphosis into this other-worldly figure . In her live work, she has collaborated with figures including Chinese artist Tianzhuo Chen, as part of whose production Ishvara she was a guest at Wiener Festwochen 2017. At this year’s HYPERREALITY, Aïsha Devi will be presenting her new 2018 LP in a hypnotic audio-visual show.

Soundcloud Aisha Devi

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