11. Mai —
17. Juni 2018

The Names of those Killed in the Syrian conflict, between 15th of March 2011 and 31st of December 2016

Santiago Sierra


"My work takes the side of those whose lives have been destroyed by capitalism. And for me, capitalism is the economic mode of sadism.” Throughout the world, emotions are stirred by the performances, actions and installations of Santiago Sierra, who, with drastic means, address the structural and institutionalized violence of economic and political systems against the individual. With formal austerity and abstraction, Sierra creates oppressive images of the reality of life in capitalist systems. In his new performance, Sierra has the names of those killed in the Syrian War between March 2011 and December 2016 read aloud. Following the course of the sun from East to West, the performance begins at the Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv, then continues at the Wiener Festwochen and the Lisson Gallery in London, to end at the Performance Biennale BP.17 in Buenos Aires.

The work goes through all four stations without interruption and around the clock, until all the names of the killed people are read in Arabic at the respective location.

The names of the war victims were collected by a research team headed by Pedro Brieger, Professor of Sociology of the Middle East at the University of Buenos Aires.